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High Visibility Clothing: The Essence to Stay Active and Comfortable

Have you ever user your license to scratch ice off of your windshield, you know exactly what it’s like to be unsuspecting for the cold winter months. Your fingertips can quickly become frozen, your gloves are drenched wet and your license just snapped in a half. This tempts to look like the start of a great adventure and it isn’t even possible to 7 o’ clock in the morning.

It has been highlighted that sometimes preparation is as easy as simple keeping an ice scraper in your glove box or installing a remote car starter at the glimpse. It seems much prepared isn’t quite as cut and dry is a case when choosing the right outdoor work apparel. With a variety of outdoor jobs, you must be getting away with a warm jacket, certain waterproof boots and a pair of gloves. When you’re working in traffic areas, low-light situations or in a complicated backgrounds, you’ll be need more specialized winter gear like high visibility clothing for the cold weather.

The climate conditions can be really dangerous without the accurate protection. It’s not just about the freezing temperatures or a wet weather circumstance that’s a problematic situation. The wind speeds in the moderate temperatures can increase the risk of cold stress in outdoor workers. Most of the workers have overlooked just how cold it can get after your factor in the winding environment.

Have a look at the national weather service windchill chart below and examine your stats. Such climate conditions grasps wind gusts with the speed of 25 mph, your 40°F day can produce sweltering windchill climate of 29°F and grasps you directly in a harmful way. In this way, you can stay safe and observable.

How High Visibility Clothing Keeps You Warm and Safe?

Are you thinking high visibility clothing is restricted to a flimsy bright vest or jacket? What if we had already told you that you can stay warm and safe at your workplace and also stay visible at the same time? That’s where the folks here at aimpoint are concerned. Let’s take into account the work parameters you often do, the risk-taking factors and the overall environment circumstances helps you to choose a high visibility garment that can assist you to get the job done in a well-defined way.

High Visibility Protection is available in the form of high visibility shirts, pants, vests, sweatshirts, headwear, gloves, rain wear and various products.

There are High Visibility products available there that are particularly designed to be the lightweight, resist moisture, wick away sweat and keeps you warm and safe. Protection in the climate conditions doesn’t stop there. Your high visibility gear should be designed with your particular occupational hazards in the mindset. This means that your high visibility gear should not be the only element to enhance job site visibility, but also cold weather protection, flame resistance, arc flash or protection from chemical ingredients can also happen if needed at the very first glance.

You may need multiple protection levels merely depends on your work conditions. For Example, you only require a sweatshirt and high visibility vest when trying to use a climate controlled equipments. If you are trying out new stuff, you may need protection layers. Here are our three tips on how to safely layer your protection clothing in the format below:

  • Start with a base layer to stay warm and dry.
  • Integrate extra intermediate layer or sweatshirt for protection.
  • You must use outer layers for weather defense.

Have a look at our latest high visibility clothing including:

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