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Safety & Work Gloves: The Essential Resource for a Job or Workplace

The use of safety and work gloves is an essential aspect to protect your hands. It consists of cut resistant, liquid-proof, dots thumb crotch, 4 dots thumb crotch, and waterproof, Aimpoint has grasped you to maintain consistency and reliance to make a well-established brand name in the marketplace. We provide a variety of well-established, high-quality brands consisting of Carhatt, Pyramex, and Ironclad among others. Have a look at our selection of safety and work gloves:

  1. Cut Resistant
  2. Insulated
  3. Waterproof
  4. Thermal Resistant
  5. Windproof
  6. Oil Resistant
  7. Flame Resistant
  8. Chemical Prevalent
  9. Anti Vibration
  10. String Knit and many more!

Cut Resistant Gloves

If you’re working in a construction firm, in the warehouse loading and organizing products, or even in the food-enabled industry consisting of cutting and preparation, in this way cut resistant gloves could be a great advantage for you! We focus on a great selection of gloves made with durable cut resistant fibers that are capable to protect your hands from both injuries and scrapes.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

We choose a selection of chemical resistant gloves that will work great for anyone who regularly handles chemicals, gases, cleaning products, and other harmful liquids. Most of the chemical resistant gloves have a protective nitrile coating that is impermeable to a wide variety of solvents and relevant elements.

These gloves are effectively made and protective against snags and abrasions as well. This nitrile coated Nitri-Solve glove features approximately 15-millimeter thickness, 13-inch length, and a bisque finish grip that enables you for a safe comfortable grip even when dealing with wet or slippery substances to help the workers.

Lined Gloves

Lined gloves are the perfect choice for freezer work, cold storage, or outdoor recreational activities in the various climate conditions such as winter seasons. These gloves provide you a thermal-lined interior to keep your hands warm, regardless of which activity you are working on. The varying brands offer other nice features as well, consisting of waterproof, touch-screen compatible, non-slip grips, and more depending on your concerns.

We have a full selection of safety and work gloves. This tempts to say, we have the perfect gloves for any line of work or recreational activities! From ranging to construction and factory-oriented jobs, we’ll deliver you quality products with a seamless notion of delivering things and other essential aspects.

Have a look at our safety and work gloves at Aimpoint.

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